API or Portal Bulk SMS Services Offer For Your Company

Bulk SMS services is good marketing media for corporate company. if you want, you can make SMS marketing for your company by Felna SMS. for more contact with our sales team by mail or mobile phone.

Benefits of SMS Marketing Services For Your Company:

Think of SMS as a way to enhance how your brand engages with your all customers across the entire customer life cycle. Businesses should remember to vary the type of content they send out - while customers may value updates and news on forthcoming developments within the brand, this information is best delivered via email where longer, more creative messaging is more appropriate.

Speed Up Your Sale By Bulk SMS marketing way, this is only way to connect with your customer directly phone to phone instantly. there is no any others way to connect/reach your target customer. you can try once to better understand.

SMS marketing is only way to make cost effective marketing solution in any time, this way is too strong then any others way, like new paper, TV, radio etc. you can send SMS promotion to customer so customer seen instant from his mobile phone with cheap cost way.

SMS is one of the most popular way to connect with your customer; with a read rate of 90% within 30 minutes from delivery, you can be reassured that your time critical messages will be read almost instantly. A significant 45% of SMS campaigns generate a successful ROI (Return on Investment), reaching over 50% when combined with other popular channels such as email and social media.

SMS marketing cost is very cheap but feedback better then any others marketing system. and customer satisfaction is too much showing able. If you don't believe so you can try once for test.

Why Choose us

Mobile Payment Solition

You Can Pay Your Corporate Mobile Bill From Same Panel.

Cheap SMS Rate Better Support

We Provide You Lowest Rate of SMS Masking or nonMadking.

24/7 Support Instantly

We are ensure Support and service 24/7 hours. by mail/phone

Masking Configuration

We Can Provide Your Masking With in a Day for Business promotion

Locaton Based Bulk SMS Support

We provide You Location Based SMS support any where in Bangladesh

API for Software Intregration

You Can Intregrated With Your E-commerce Site or Official Software.

OTP Services Provider

We also provide OTP Solution, if you want you can send OTP


24/7 Customer Support

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